Brood and Bloom – Winter Exhibition

“Canadians have two seasons; brood and bloom” – Gord Downie

January 10th – March 29th:  Our winter exhibition contrasts the brooding elements of ‘black and white’ photographs with the colourful impact of bright, textured acrylic impasto paintings.


Tiffany Horrocks –  My current work is acrylic impasto paintings with thickly applied paints and gels. Perhaps because I began first with sculpture, I have retained my fascination with texture. The use of palette knives as my primary tools allow me to explore the form and structure of my canvasses as much as the subject matter itself.

Karen Whylie –  This a series of square black and white photographs of rare breed farm animals shot on film with Hasselblad and Ziess Ikon cameras.   Animals don’t take direction. Photographing them in their environment is a challenge, yet simply being with them in their barns and fields is quiet and peaceful. When their movement, the light and the emotion of the place come together I snap the shutter.