Fine Art


Ann Shier

Ann Shier is an accomplished artist specializing in encaustic painting, an art form that involves stirring pigments into molten wax and then applying it to the surface of the support.  Her studies in fine arts, combined with her work as a potter and formal training as a graphic artist, influence her encaustic work.  Ann pursued […]

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Audrey Smith

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am a contemporary figurative painter. My art explores the essence of people. I believe that there is no limit to how we manifest our inner being in time and space. I see a world of character in something as complex as body language, gesture and interactions or as simple as a well-worn […]

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full fawn piece

Col Mitchell

Canadian Contemporary Paper Artist Col Mitchell is a Fine Art Maker working from the Heart of Muskoka. Through her original technique of pen & ink on sculpted paper she fluidly melds texture with intricately layered lines of colour, creating magical impressions of the beauty and mystery of nature and wildlife. Based on her childhood experiences […]

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Floyd Elzinga

Rotten stumps, broken branches, invasive species, ravaged trees as well as polar opposites and dysfunctional objects; these are the things that excite Floyd Elzinga. He has made a career out of highlighting and glorifying these through three dimensional sculpture, relief work and environmental installations for over 15 years. Current themes in his work focus on […]

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Helen Ustal magicforest

Helen Utsal

Helen Utsal’s colourful landscape paintings express Nature’s exuberant and vital spirit. Gesture, expression and emotion weave into colour, texture and light. Helen spends a lot of time in Nature, sometimes painting outside with acrylics to study and capture dynamic impressions. In the studio she uses oil paint mixed with cold wax medium to bring texture and depth to the painting. […]

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Jennifer Elliotson

Hi, I’m Jennifer Elliotson, self taught painter and former florist.  My studio is in an old barn and under a very large ginkgo tree in Jordan Station, Ontario.  I find inspiration from roads trips and walks along the Niagara escarpment. Through the “Road Trip” series, I explore a desire to be less burdened by the […]

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Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin is a Toronto-based photographer and artist with a love of travel and adventure. While traveling in France in 2008, she discovered her creative passion for photographing new and different places. Trips to Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Japan, Cuba and the southern U.S. have allowed her to build up a library of […]

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Jerre Davidson

Jerre Davidson’s kiln-formed glass work explores the landscape in figurative composition as well as themes in instinctive and expressive abstraction. Her early career in dance at the Scottish Ballet School in Edinburgh, Scotland instilled in her a love of rhythm and movement.
Like a dancer, lines move rhythmically through our landscape. Davidson’s work represents an emotional […]

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Julia Gilmore

Julia Gilmore

Julia Gilmore’s artistic vision can be attributed to the juxtaposition of her rural roots and a sophisticated urban background. Raised in a small New Hampshire town, Julia migrated north to Montreal. Completing a Fine Arts Degree at Concordia University, she flourished in the Montreal art scene; staging several successful solo art shows as well as […]

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Kate Taylor

Artist Statement:  Humanity is connected to nature; our place within it and the energy we derive from this relationship. As the world around us becomes more and more fraught with stress and uncertainty, there is an even deeper need to connect with the earth and consciously integrate joy in our lives. My work explores the unique […]

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lisa hickey IMG_3335

Lisa Hickey

Artist Statement:  Forging out a moment of reprieve in a hectic world by taking a deep breath and looking up to the sky. That’s the experience I try to recreate with my paintings. Treading a wobbly line somewhere between abstraction and realism, my work taps into the familiarity, comfort and beauty of the natural world, whilst […]

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Melissa Wakefield

Artist Statement: I hope to engage the viewer with my paintings through colour and subject matter. Recently I have been exploring images of wildlife that seem alone in their surroundings. The use of negative space gives this illusion and also creates a sense of a happening. Choosing to place the animal by itself inspires a […]

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caledon hills

Nancy Moore

Artist Statement: As an artist I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to paint and draw without boundaries.   I enjoy experimenting with different mediums working mostly in acrylics.   My style is largely experimental with an emphasis on landscape and figure abstraction.   I never set out to replicate an image but instead strive to convey a […]

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Rob Croxford

Rob lives in East Toronto and has worked as a full time artist since 2004. He completed over 1200 works of art and has shown in over 100 juried  & solo exhibitions at galleries such as: Liss Gallery, The Lonsdale Gallery, Gallery 129 Ossington, and Terrence Robert Gallery. Rob has participated in The Toronto International Art Fair, eight exhibitions at The Artist Project as well as showing in Kelowna BC and […]

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