Dudeman (Nicholas Sinclair)

Taking the grit out of graffiti art, Toronto-based artist DUDEMAN (Nicholas Sinclair), has upped the ranks internationally.  Rocking artwork from the Berlin Wall to Cost Rica, LA to Toronto.  Producing pieces seen everywhere from television to magazines to the walls of corporate headquarters, this artist has been making a stir in the visual world.

People have taken notice and this artist’s client roster has been steadily growing, producing work for the likes of Holt Renfrew, Nike, Hermes and Chanel, repeatedly seen gracing the walls of tattoo parlours, private collectors and high-end fashion boutiques.

With a rich history as a graphic designer and an extreme sense of colour strength, the artwork of DUDEMAN has grown into a powerhouse of visual stimuli mixing it up and incorporating years of sought after style and artistic professionalism.

To learn more about DUDEMAN and his eye-popping work check out his website.