Wee Heart _115 (Bucky)

Eric Allen Montgomery

Eric Allen Montgomery is a mixed media sculptor and glass artist in Guelph.
He plays with vintage toys and tools, old photos and fragments and rusty bits to create his unique Memory Boxes, clocks and assemblages.
 His award-winning mixed-media Memory Boxes and assemblages are available primarily by commission, as well as through selected galleries and exhibitions across North America.
“By my definition, a Memory Box is any object that holds a variety of materials and three dimensional objects that tell a story, real or imagined.
 Items within a Memory Box may be precious to no one other than it’s maker or it’s owner, but by their very nature they are magic because they trigger emotions and memories of people, places, and events from our lives or the world around us, bringing them back to us, or transporting us away, merely by their visual reminder.”
“I utilize a wide variety of found, altered, and created objects and materials to celebrate events, interpret themes, or simply to tell stories, both real or of my imagining.
 I feel that my diverse technical background and my inherent eye for colour, texture and balance are well used in this marriage of materials.
 Form and Function combine with Reality and Myth, linking the technical expertise of a Craftsperson, the aesthetic and philosophical explorations of an Artist, and the wit and whimsy of a Story Teller.”
A collection of his Memory Boxes can be viewed via his FaceBook photo album: