‘essential reflections’

“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.” — Annie Leibovitz

‘essential reflections’ is an exhibition featuring the stunning and contemporary work of three talented artists; Joanna Bell, Jessica Lin and Bryant Serre.   It is running from Wednesday, January 10th until Sunday, February 18th 2018.  There is an artist reception on Sunday, January 21st from 1-4pm.  Sunday the 21st is on the same weekend as the Fire & Ice Festival at the Alton Mill Arts Centre

Joanna Bell – Some people meditate, some people do yoga, I take my camera and set out to be
amongst beautiful and serene places. I leave these places with a feeling of rejuvenation
and a collection of photographs. Just as the places provided me with an escape from
chaos, I want the viewer to feel a sense of peace and calm while engaged with my work.
I want them to feel the air, smell the air and hear the sounds. I want them to experience
the beautiful simplicity of the moment like I did.

Jessica Lin – is a Toronto-based photographer and artist with a love of travel and adventure. While traveling in France in 2008, she discovered her creative passion for photographing new and different places. Trips to Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Japan, Cuba and the southern U.S. have allowed her to build up a library of images capturing these other worlds. Jessica extracts elements from her various photographs and recomposes them to create images with surreal layers, and turn places into fantasies. She created her first collection in 2012 using images from her trip to France.

In a more recent collection, Jessica explores landscapes closer to home, using photographs from many trips to Algonquin Park as well as two road trips out to the Maritime Provinces. The results are vast landscapes with magical skies – images that feel at once very familiar and very mysterious.

Bryant Serre – The Cyanotype process is an alternative photographic method that dates back to Astronomer John Herschel and artist and researcher Anna Atkins. Originally used as a note taking method in the 1800s, this method  evolved into the traditional blueprint process that modern architects and builders faintly know or

even use today. Taking this scientific reproduction method into the 21st Century as an art from; Bryant shifts his focus from industry and mechanization to the seemingly endless natural world. In this show, “Essential Reflections”, he aims to show the beauty and complexity of flora through his unique take on the cyanotype process, while reflecting on his life experiences which play into each piece.