red rover


kukucaju paintings on wood offers a candy coloured world of childhood phantasms and absurd anthropomorphism. Both sweet and soured, playful and peculiar, progressive and regressive, the kukucaju aesthetic blends low tech art-making with the wide-eye naïvety of a child.

Taking inspiration from all things that amuse and frighten; the deep dark woods, shadowy story telling and the spectres of childhood, kukucaju draws from the often dark side of the imagination and aims to fuel the creative furnaces of young and old.

kukucaju’s unique brand of serious-proof art has been travelling the countryside since 2007.  Each piece is made entirely by hand at kukucaju headquarters in Damascus Ontario by artist Judy Anderson using acrylic, latex, vintage buttons and various odd bits on salvaged plywood, solid off-cuts and finished with lacquer.

Art world precursors include Edward Gorey, Roz Chast, Red Grooms and Whacky Packs. A graduate of OCAD and the University of Guelph, Judy often works in collaboration with her children, Lolly and Declan. Working collaboratively with children (and adults who are keen) to transform their drawings into kukucaju originals for their walls is a favorite part of the kukucaju project. Drawing is a rich process, specific to each person and kukucaju is greatly inspired by all doodles.

To learn more about Judy and her funtastical creations check out her website!