Katie McLellan

Katie McLellan

“An esthetic person sees beauty in the ordinary.”

Organic in appearance, lyrical in nature, Katie allows the medium to tell a story. Working in fabric, glass and eclectic materials, she creates pieces which express her sense of humour and appreciation of nature’s beauty. Katie feels there is no better art than what the planet brings to view. Nature is a constant source of curiosity and intrigue, and on every scale we are awed by this universal gallery. Her process begins with translating what she sees into something personal. Texture and colour are freckled with oddities in her pursuit of making a work individual. One of a kind.

Katie also feels very strongly about supporting local and national talent; this is essential for building strong communities and countries. Using materials found or sourced from her area, she builds from her environment. Much of her fabric is recycled from clothing and furniture; beach stones, wood, seeds and other found objects comprise her jewelry; business cards and tags are reused cardboard. No two are alike. Handcrafted original art is what she is all about.

To learn more about Katie and her amazingly creative work check out her website!