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Lori Burke – featured artist February 19th to March 29th

Lori Burke of Fickle Designs Studio has a lovely, warm smile and the voice to match. She also possesses a life-long passion for painting which has led her to explore her creative instincts and place down on to canvas what is naturally inspired. None of her work is created from images/photographs but instead come from ideas within. Some pop with vibrant colour while others are calmly subdued. All are created with a glorious texture.
Swing on by Noodle gallery soon to check out these amazing pieces in person! Lori’s featured artist exhibition is on now through Sunday, March 29th…

Throughout my life I have always had a passion for painting. The creative process itself captivates me and I am drawn to create with fingers, brush or palette knife. I love abstract, contemporary, mixed media while using acrylic, gesso, paste and ink stains on canvas as well as wood and metal. My focus is often the drama and tension between color and light. Whether I’m painting an abstract, sky scape, city scape or water scape, I am inspired by natural elements; water, sky, earth and wind, all of which I draw on during my creative process. I ‘feel’ my art and let my instincts guide each direction as the piece evolves on canvas. I’m an ‘intuitive artist’ with my ideas developing in dreams and strong impulses that I feel must come pouring out. I love and live to paint and am humbled and grateful daily for the opportunity to do so!!

Lori Burke is a full time International artist originally from Horseshoe Valley ski area north of Toronto. She now lives in a small waterfront town in Ridgeway Ontario Canada . She is self taught, honing her craft through research and courses. Her great grandmother was a well known artist painting and showing into her 80’s. Lori draws from her inner voice and is guided by intuition as she expresses passion and movement in every piece of her work.

She has won several awards and has participated in many competitions. Her international exhibitions include, opening night for NYA Gallery , 1st Dibs Gallery in New York NY. She recently exhibited with Mona Youssef Gallery in Carrousel Du Louvre, Paris France. She sits on the board of the Fort Erie Arts Council as well as volunteers her time teaching art classes to the patients at the Walker Family Cancer Center, St Catherines Hospital.

Displaying in Canadian and US galleries: Laguna Art Gallery California, Gallery 104 NY, Preston Gallery and Roam Gallery in Ontario. She also participates bi-annually in the studio tours with the South Niagara Artist Association, of which she is a juried member.

“Curator On The Go” recently interviewed her for a podcast highlighting her creative journey.