Stephanie Fehrenbach – featured artist May 6th to June 28th

Like all non-essential businesses Noodle had to close our doors in March to do our part in protecting the safety and well-being of all. We were sad but we knew this was the best thing for our community.

One of the saddest parts was not being able to feature Stephanie Fehrenbach’s beautiful work in April as planned. HOWEVER, have no fear, we have decided to bring Stephanie’s work in to Noodle and feature it for the months of May and June! At least beginning with virtually showing it and then hopefully in person as things begin to open up again. Oh what a glorious day that will be….

Stephanie is a warm and friendly soul with a killer watt smile. Her oil paintings are delightfully textured and full of vibrant colour pops. We do hope that you will be able to come in to Noodle and see them in person soon!


I paint because it makes me feel like me. Creating allows me to hold a mirror up to my own feelings and experiences to make what’s intangible, tangible. Translating the beauty I see in the world is my greatest joy. It’s a place where I feel complete freedom to make mistakes and play as though I were still a child. My process is intuitive. I don’t tend to plan with detailed sketches and prefer to dive in and see where my heart wants to lead me. I like to think of my paintings as abstract interpretations of our innate connection to nature, where you can escape into a world of romance and dreamy swashes of colour. I adore flowers and gardens. Their colours, movement and shapes are so inspiring to me. They are the perfect symbol of the beauty, energy and fragility of life.

My work has continued to evolve more and more into abstraction as I find it leaves greater space for interpretation. The vibrant colour and buttery texture are what I enjoy most about oils. I begin each painting with thin washes. Those initial marks help dictate the rest of the piece while I add layer upon layer. I use the paint straight out of the tube to maintain that thick, tactile quality which adds movement and life to the subjects I represent.