Tiffany Horrocks

Tiffany has been a professional artist for all of her adult life;   both as a sculptor and as a painter.
Her current work is acrylic impasto paintings with thickly applied paints and gels.  Perhaps because she began first with sculpture,  she has retained her fascination with texture.  The use of palette knives as her primary tools allows her to explore the form and structure of her canvasses as much as the subject matter itself.   Every painting is unique and will evolve through concept sketching & initial strokes, to bolder, thicker application;  gathering energy as it goes.
Tiffany really loves to paint,  to feel the picture evolve and take shape as the paint is laid down,  stroke by stroke and she often finds herself feeling very fortunate,  as she paints,  that she makes her living through her art.
To learn more about Tiffany and see more of her great work please feel free to visit her  website.