‘Where the Wild Ensues’

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle

‘Where the Wild Ensues’ is an exhibition featuring the stunning images of Ellen Cameron and Ryan Pechnick.  The images juxtapose the raw wild nature of the horse that comes through Ellen’s photographs with the natural plants and forces taking over the man-made/controlled environment which are the subject of Ryan’s.  It is running from Wednesday March 28th until Sunday May 6th.

Both Ryan and Ellen will be at Noodle Gallery on Sunday May 6th from 1-4pm for an artist reception where both artists will be speaking about their work at the beginning of the reception.  This is in conjunction with the Alton Mill Arts Centre’s spring open house weekend ‘Get Your Celtic On’. For details on this event check the link out here.

Ellen Cameron – studied Fine Art and Art History at York University, Toronto, Canada.  Her original concentration was in painting where she worked on commissioned oil paintings. While photographing  subjects for use as a visual reference for her paintings, she realized that her true passion was photography.  She was always fascinated with drawing and painting horses and was awed by the power and majesty of these magnificent, yet gentle creatures. While travelling around her home which is surrounded by many magnificent horse farms, and a horse owner herself, she keeps a camera as her constant companion, a tool that more readily allows her to record the subtleties of the horses’ actions and interactions.  Her rural and equine photographs are taken in a variety of locations on the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail and the equine photography reveals an artistic view combined with the technical accuracy of a knowledgeable horsewoman.

Ryan Pechnick – is a Chicago-born, Metamodernist artist based in Toronto, Canada. His art practice is an aesthetic means of coming to know the greater order upon which the physical world is set. He utilizes the multi-sensory language of photography, sculpture, video, and interactive installation. His scholarly research interests include the history, aesthetics, and philosophy underlying alchemy, science, technology, epistemology, Catholicism, and Zen philosophy.  He holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art, Media, and Design from OCAD University and a BFA in Photography from the Kansas City Art Institute. His outdoor sculptures are on permanent exhibition at ArtPark in New York. Ryan was named one of “the 30 most exciting artists in Toronto right now” by blogTO in 2017 and he was selected in 2016 by Marianne Katzman of Katzman Contemporary gallery and Richard Rhodes, Editor of Canadian Art 1996-2015, as one of 16 artists who are “actively raising the bar for Canada’s commercial art world”.