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Michael Alas of Alas Fabrication is one of those types.  You know the type.  An open face and an open heart, quick to smile, easy going and someone you feel like you could sit and shoot the shit with for hours.  Whether that be something deep such as the changing climate or something light such as the enjoyment of life's simple things - like a really good cup of coffee.  But most of all, Mike and the Noodle Gallery mistress like to shoot the shit about creating beautiful and interesting things with reclaimed materials.  Whether that be metal or wood. And THAT is Mike's specialty. Alas Fabrication has joined the Noodle fold to display some of his funky furniture made out of reclaimed metal and wood.  Mike is also a whiz at making smaller functional items such as racks for your watches or motorcycle apparel.  He will also take on commissions for any of your furnishing needs such as shelving or clothing racks etc.  So swing on by Noodle some time to check out his furniture and think about Alas Fabrication any time you have some metal/woodworking needs.  You WON'T be disappointed....

Alas Fabrication was brought to life by owner Michael Alas in order to offer his creative outlook on pieces that can be repurposed in unique and functional ways. Mike has always enjoyed working with his hands and has a strong passion for all things mechanical. In a world that is so quick to discard and move on to the latest thing, he finds value in giving new purpose to something that has become obsolete and overlooked. He is able to do this by incorporating his knowledge of welding and metalwork, constantly finding new ways to emphasize colours and textures while maintaining clean lines is a clear aspect in all of his work.

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Vintage Pick Up tail gate bench
  • $1,600.00