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Alicia Bint of Alicia's Infinity is an artist, crafter, antique treasure hunter, nature enthusiast, chocolate addict (our type of gal here in Noodle land) and lover of LOVE!  When she is not painting, drawing, or working graphic magic on the computer, you can find Alicia either in the forest, scouring an antique market or snuggled up with her Love and a cozy blanket.  She believes that evenings and weekends are for crafting of any kind (sewing, knitting, macramé, etc.), with a cup of tea… and ideally a brownie!  Alicia works from her antique (1871) home studio, in a small town about an hour from Toronto.  Both Alicia and her husband love antiques, so they've had a lot of fun collecting and filling our home over the years.

Alicia is a watercolour illustrator and artist for both commercial and individual clients.  Currently, her favourite things to draw and paint are detailed vintage items, flora and fauna, with a touch of whimsy and style!  She specialize in designing wedding invitations & stationery, and also sells prints, notecards and products featuring her artwork! Graduating from Sheridan College several years ago, she earned a BAA Degree in Illustration.

Alicia genuinely thanks those interested in looking at and purchasing her work - made with love and fueled by chocolate!

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Alicia's Infinity Greeting Cards
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Alicia's Infinity 8x10 prints
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