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Nature is joy, life and my favourite place to be.

Encaustic Painting Using the colour's and reference found in nature, I am moved to create impressionistic pieces, building luminous layer upon layer of fused pigmented beeswax.  I’m excited about the versatility of the ancient art form of encaustics and the newer developments available that allow me to express the joyful connections I feel in nature through playing with pure pieces that have vibrant, rich depth of colour or creating simple opacities.  Developing compositions with tactile elements and details incorporating and revealing the unexpected allow you to take these visual reflections and build on the imagery in your mind, encouraging you to complete the story.

I love that encaustics builds in layers with beautiful luminosity plus gives me the freedom to “let loose” as the piece takes me on a journey of discovery and the images and colours are pulled back and forth revealing and changing in fluid movement… just like an experience you find in nature.

I continue to explore and create unique pieces where you'll find the use of ink, foraged organic items, image transfers, Japanese paper laser prints and use of pan pastels in my art that I often finished with reclaimed barn wood frames.

Marrying natural elements like encaustic with rustic upcycled materials like reclaimed barn wood is a great fit. 


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Yellow Bloom
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Pink Spring
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Blue Feathers
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3 Blooms
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Peace 3
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Light as a Feather
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Memories of Florence
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Standing Strong
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