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Courtney Chard is a second generation pipe welder who has been working as a welder since 2002. Courtney started to create metal art after her mom talked about entering her baking in the fall fair. Courtney's mom was procrastinating so Courtney committed to entering with her to encourage her mom to follow through. They both won with their entries and from there Courtney kept entering local fairs where she continued to win, gain confidence and valuable learning experience with each piece she created.

Friends and family started purchasing her sculptural art and Courtney's art career began. Courtney enjoys being able to bring the ideas of people to life. Courtney loves the challenge of taking a hard, cold material such as metal and turning it into a creative work full of movement and feeling. Most metal workers are men and Courtney feels that she brings a distinct female energy into her sculptural pieces. Courtney has found her creative calling!

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