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Daniella Rock

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Here at Noodle we love a woman who loves machinery, who loves to get dirty and who loves to get physical with her hands.  Which means that here at Noodle we love Daniella Rock of Smiling Rock Studio!!  Daniella makes wondrous lamps from all sorts of  repurposed metals scraps and materials.  Things like automobile parts such as car engines, pistons and compressors.  Or vintage items such enamel colanders, cracker tins and vinyl records. The floor lamp is particular fascinating with a built-in dimmer, outlet and phone chargers. Not to mention the various gauges including an aviator gauge... super cool!  Daniella also creates beautiful charcuterie boards.  Some are all wood and others are a combo of wood and epoxy.  The combo wood/epoxy boards are particularly impressive since it can be a challenging process getting the epoxy perfectly smooth and balanced against the wood.  You can check them out in the artisanal market under Smiling Rock Studio!

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Ritz Tin Pendant Lamp
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Water Pump Desk Lamp
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Piston Table Lamp
  • $145.00
Blue Flame Floor Lamp
  • $1,500.00