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'Colour Me Happy' - featured show May 4th - May 29th

Artist comment on the Noodle Show;

As an artist inspired by many daily interactions that are small but significant, the feeling of happiness and my love of colour seemed the perfect fit for my Noodle Gallery show. Placing my bright, beautiful work in a place that draws a smile and is a true destination, a place people want to be, just felt perfect. Hence my show name, 'Colour Me Happy'.


Artist Statement:

Bold and avant-garde, Fiona’s work is defined by her uncommon use of colour and instinctive application of mediums.

Inspired by artists such as Rothko and Frankenthaler, she creates expressive, emotive art. Creating horizontally, allows Fiona to attain a 360 degree perspective, moving around the piece as it develops. Each artwork is a statement of the moments in which it was created. Colour choice, movement and fluidity are all part of the process. 

My art is an extension of my conscience. My colour choice and application method is directly related to the everyday, to mood and to the connections I feel at the moment I apply my ink’.

A full time fine artist, Fiona can be found daily honing her art practice in her North Toronto studio.

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The Smile Maker
  • $3,350.00
I Need Your Loving
  • $3,250.00
Just A Fool To Believe
  • $3,200.00
I Wonder What's Mine
  • $2,680.00
And So Do I
  • $2,135.00
Lupin Revolution
  • $2,135.00
  • $2,135.00
You Know the Rules
  • $2,135.00
Our Lips Shouldn't Touch
  • $2,135.00
To Make It Better
  • $950.00
Then You Begin
  • $950.00
The Upside
  • $950.00
You Are The Soul Of My Heart
  • $950.00
Stars Directing Our Fate
  • $950.00
My Very Own
  • $950.00
Meet Me On The Full Moon
  • $950.00
Live A Life Of Solitude
  • $950.00
Ode to Monet
  • $375.00