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Jessica Wisniewski is the owner, designer, and maker behind Flux Glass Co.  Art and design have always been a part Jessica's life.  She studied both Interior Design and Landscape Design, and enjoyed a successful career as a landscape designer, for over a decade. 

Glass has always been a medium that has captivated Jess.  Her earliest memories of her infatuation with glass take her back to her grandmother's extensive green glass collection. In 2006 Jess took a 6 week intro to stained glass course, and was hooked on the craft.  Nearly 10 years later, she created her first stained glass feather, as a birthday gift for her sister.  Pleased with the design, Jess made 9 more feathers and opened an online shop.  A few weeks later she landed her first brick and mortar store.  What started as a complement to her career as a landscape designer, quickly grew into a full-time passion.

Flux Glass Co. creates modern stained glass, inspired by nature.  Simple designs work to celebrate the beauty of the glass itself.  In addition to creating finished pieces, Flux Glass Co.  also offers workshops.  Jess began teaching in 2017 and has had the pleasure of sharing her craft, at a number of venues across Ontario including fellow Alton Mill Arts Centre tenant The Hive Encaustic Studio.

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Stained Glass Mountains
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Stained Glass Monstera Leaf
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Stained Glass Trees
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Stained Glass Arrow
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Stained Glass Hamsa
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Stained Glass Bird
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Stained Glass Feather
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Stained Glass Leaf
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Stained Glass Ornaments
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