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Fraser’s work is an interpretive response to shape that emphasizes experimentation over strategy.  He looks for movement and life to emerge through forms that are pleasing and seductive. Surface treatment consists of layering crystalline glazes, slumping, and multi firing to achieve variety and random effects. His pieces are the result of choice informed through response.

On the lighter side… Fraser has been creating some very popular small vessels that he has titled ‘dibblers’.  The trend these days is moving away from stemmed glass wear and these little gems certainly make a beautiful wine-drinking alternative.  The ‘dibblers’ can be used as a vessel for pretty much anything you care for.  Wine, juice, water, flowers, a toothbrush and toothpaste. The choice is yours!

A lesser known fact about Fraser is that he is also a creative writer of silly, thoughtful or catchy quotes. Hence the title of Poet Bully in certain mysterious circles.  Here is a smattering of some:

  • Artist Statement:  What you see is what you get.
  • The moment is nothing but temporal discrimination.
  • Time is the sensation of becoming what we always have been.
  • All souls are final.

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Dibbler - All Crawly Glaze
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Dibbler - All Crystalline Glaze
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Dibbler - Mixed Glazes
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Textured pottery bowl
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