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Taking over his family’s chicken farm in 1993 – a business he continues to run and grow – John has spent his life surrounded by industrial equipment, agriculture, and rustic architecture.

Inevitably, his keen eye, imaginative mind, and skilled craftsmanship led him into furniture design, where his talent and passion transformed him from a hobbyist into a renowned artist.

Where others see heavy-­‐duty equipment or disused materials, John recognizes a striking piece of furniture waiting to be uncovered. For him, broken streetlights become incredible light Gixtures; a Goodyear sign abandoned in the woods becomes an amazing dining room table in a downtown loft; and old army tents become upholstery for astonishing seats.

John’s imagination is in constant motion, as he converts forgotten things into wildly artistic furniture. His in-­‐demand pieces can take months of work and are sought after by collectors, aesthetes, designers, or anyone else looking for unique work. Collaborating with artisans, machinists, and other craftsmen, he brings his creative vision to life.

Every single piece has its own history, and John specializes in coaxing it out, living with his materials and honing them into something special.

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Blackened Side Table
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Red Desk/Small Table
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Street Light Lamp
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