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Canadian birches remind me of my native Scottish trees; they were just one of the many things that made this wonderful new country feel like home.  Like me they are a hardy northern species that thrives best in cooler climates.

The process begins with photographing bare birch trunks in the winter.  Many of the birches I use are from High Park, Rouge Park and around the beach, although some are from as far afield as Ganaraska and the Muskokas.

After processing and printing the photos, I use a process that transfers the ink directly into the paint on the canvas.  Using brushes, rollers and sponges, I paint in the foliage on the prepared canvas. 

The colours I choose are inspired by the many walks I take around the trails of Southern Ontario in the warmer months.  These paintings reflect on the contrast between the solid, unchanging permanence of the trunks and the ever-changing, fleeting foliage.

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Birch Tree Series - Various 4"x 4" Pieces
  • $50.00
Birch Tree Series- Various 8"x 8" Pieces
  • $110.00
Birch Tree Series- Various 12"x12" Pieces
  • $210.00
Birch Tree Series - Various 24"x 24" Pieces
  • $588.00
  • $1,050.00