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"I believe that in today’s world, we need more joy in our lives so I strive to create an experience that will live with the viewer forever. Fundamentally, my work is about the joy you feel when connected to the energy of nature.  Because we are wired to feel pleasure in nature, I use the stained woodgrain to make this connection; it is a critical part of the composition. I mix strong colours on the knife to create movement - the woodgrain determines what I will cover and what I will reveal."




Kate Taylor is an abstract artist born in Cambridge, England, and now works out of her studio in Toronto, Ontario. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western University where she was taught painting by the internationally-renowned artist, Paterson Ewen. Kate is committed to capturing the joy you feel when you are really present in nature. She accomplishes this by using vibrant colour and energic compositions in her mixed media acrylic paintings, playing with the negative space. She often works with an Epoxy coating to increase the play of light and reflection.

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Tiny Treasures- Various Little 6"x 6" Pieces
  • $125.00
Small Snow Flurries
  • $131.25
  • $225.00
Midnight Blooms
  • $225.00
Midnight Forest
  • $281.25
A Blue Spring Day
  • $656.25
Shimmer in the Sunlight
  • $656.25
Tranquility Bay
  • $806.25
Rose Coloured Dawn
  • $1,001.25
Nothing But Blue Skies
  • $1,001.25