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Andrew was born on a small farm in Ontario, Canada. His father Jake, a luthier (instrument builder) and his mother Pauline, a potter. Always inspired by his parent’s commitment to functional art. Growing up surrounded by art and world travel the inspiration to carry on building functional art was without question. 

Recruiting his father Jake to join him in the Lightwood journey the two of them apply the over half century of experience and passion to every project and every piece that is produced by Lightwood.

Andrew & Jake design, build (and sometime argue:)) over every piece that Lightwood Designs builds. Both custom and designs of our own. Our goal is to keep it like this as we want every piece with our name on it to last the ages and fill home with pieces that can be enjoyed and last the test of time to become generational. 
Thank you for your interest in our passion. 

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Monocrest Table
  • $5,400.00
32" Manitoba Maple Wood & Steel Clock
  • $675.00

Sold out

24" Curled Hard Maple Wood & Steel Clock
  • $450.00

Sold out

12" Manitoba Maple Wood & Steel Clock
  • $200.00
12" Maple Burl Wood & Steel Clock
  • $200.00
Nesting Trays
  • From $40.00