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Greetings from Lovanli. (Lo-van-li) 
I go by the name Loli. This passion of mine started around 2019. One day I was laying in bed and out of the blue, I suddenly had a vision of "candles."  The journey began when I started learning the manifestations of crystals and how to create toxic free and therapeutic candles. While I was going through a transition time of healing, my creations brought some light and understanding into my life. I started channeling my creativity into making (crystal infused) candles for family and friends. Each candle has been designed through inspirations from people who I love dearly. The candles are hand poured, as no 2 are exactly the same but individuality is made with love thats meant to belong to you.

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Sweet Moon- natural coconut wax candle
  • $30.00
Heavenly Angel- natural coconut wax candle
  • $30.00
Divine Peace- natural coconut wax candle
  • $30.00
Champagne Rose Tealight Pack
  • $20.00