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Taras began her artistic career in photography.  She has been a celebrated photographer for many years, winning numerous international awards including several first place with PX3 and IPA.  She has had her work published in Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Harry Rosen, Vanity Fair among others.  She is also the editor of intElegance magazine and her clothing design has been seen on the runway at Fashion Art Toronto, Vancouver Fashion week and more.  In 2018, she turned her talent to painting.  She defines her style as contemporary art naive with a definite emphasis on patterns and curvy lines.  Her work has sold across North America, Europe, the Caribbean and Middle East and she has been accepted into many juried and solo shows.  Taras has been compared by local journalist Kitty Huisman as: “Picasso as if he fell into a rainbow”.  Her characters are whimsical and imaginative, telling a story, while at the same time allowing the viewer to create their own.  Her unique selection of colour combinations makes her work stand out and gives it her signature stamp.

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Girls' Night Out
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Lady And The Dane
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The Dance
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Friends And Phones
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Canada Day
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All We Need Is Love
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Horses In The Rain
  • $650.00
Lady Peace
  • $140.00