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My love and passion for creativity stems within a deep rooted belief
and calling, that it is my purpose to inspire the joy and connection,
developed through the process of art. My journey as an artist &
teacher began over 10 years ago. Through out my experience I have
come to learn and strongly believe in the power of creativity. Learning
through an expressive process that allows oneself to communicate
their thoughts & feelings, connecting us with our own inner language &
knowledge, enabling us to discover a wisdom deep inside that will
transform ones life and well-being. Art brings out the inner healer,
which changes our whole physiology, spirit, mind, and body.
It has been proven to me that through my own journey and
experiences of others “Art and healing have always been one”.

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,
and present thoughts build our life of tomorrow:
Our life is the creation of our mind  - Dali Lama

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