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ARTIST STATEMENT about the show 'Freedom Flight':

Freedom Flight is an expression of gratitude, grief, transformation and liberation.  These works were created as a personal form of therapy in the wake of the loss of my mom who passed away this year on January 1, and this show is a tribute to her life and memory.  Birds have become a symbol of her freedom, and in their many expressions I have found the pieces of her that I knew and loved.  As a result of my changed emotional state since her passing, the way I use paint has changed.  Where I was once tight and extremely detail oriented, I have become looser, more painterly, and more expressive, pouring my emotions onto the canvas.  Please join me in celebrating life, love, and the beauty of the natural world.  This is Freedom Flight!


Ricky is a Canadian artist born in Brampton, Ontario in 1993.  His love of animals, nature, and fantasy is rooted in his early childhood, and serves as the foundation of his paintings and drawings.  He works as an artist, art instructor, and community arts advocate in the small town of Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.  Ricky is self-taught but is always seeking new artistic knowledge and exploring new mediums, to expand his understanding and hone his craft.  Current projects include writing and illustrating a children's picture book, and creating a new body of artwork including several large scale oil and acrylic paintings. 


My artwork is rooted in a love for nature, fantasy, and the human experience, a love that has its roots way back in my early childhood.  When I paint, I connect to my inner worlds and allow myself to explore, play, think, and feel, and create whatever comes through.  Some images are completely spontaneous, while others are created with varying degrees of pre-planning and conceptualization.  It is a dance with the essence of my spirit, an interplay between my subconscious mind, my emotions, and my thinking brain.  I paint my fantasies, and often images that have come to me in dreams, or in flashes of inspiration and insight.  I believe each person has their own unique imagination, an entire world inside filled with characters, feelings, colours, and experiences.  As an artist, I have the privilege of exploring and sharing my world with others.  I feel so lucky to be living this life of imagination and creativity through my art. 

I work primarily with oils and acrylics, but I also love graphite and charcoal drawing, and sculpture.  Paintings usually focus around a central character, and often include cosmic elements, landscapes, and a cast of supporting characters to create a storybook feeling, as if we are witnessing a snapshot of a moment in a fairytale.  I love creative writing and often including a short story or description with my work, to connect viewers with the sense of narrative that I feel is integral to the work.

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Freedom Flight
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The Cross
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Dark Night, Beautiful Soul
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All Me
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Prince of the Deep
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The Mystic
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Jewel of the Deep
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