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Wood fascinates me.
The Herculean strength of the trunk of a large tree is humbling.
The abstract beauty of its grain is captivating.

Creating art out of wood is a passion that started a long time ago and has evolved into Songtree Design.

As a young child growing up in the Caribbean, many hours were spent finding, whittling and carving driftwood on the beach.

My first “official” commission was my wife’s engagement ring- a hand-carved piece of ebony offered unconditionally under a pantheon of stars on the shore of a northern Canadian lake.

Over the years I explored working with wood in a variety of ways. As my children grew, I crafted toys, furniture, gifts and other custom pieces to mark important family milestones.

A few years ago, spoon carving became a relaxing “flow” experience that proved both meditative and inspiring.  The process provided peace. The products provided pleasure.

I recently graduated to using epoxy in my work and creating cutting, cheese and charcuterie boards as well as utensils designed to become a staple at your family’s table.

I create handcrafted heirloom pieces designed to be enjoyed and used regularly for years to come. Come join me on this journey and celebrate the strength and beauty of wood.

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Charcuterie Board
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Small Epoxy & Walnut Cheese Board
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Letter Opener
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Cheese Knife/Spreader
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