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Stephanie Fehrenbach is an Artist, Mother, Partner, Teacher and Obsessive Maker. She loves creating beautiful things and sharing what’s in her heart with the hope that it may add a little bit of joy to your space.

Stephanie's process in her own words.... "I paint because it makes me feel like me. Creating allows me to hold a mirror up to my own feelings and experiences to make what’s intangible, tangible. Translating the beauty I see in the world is my greatest joy. It’s a place where I feel complete freedom to make mistakes and play as though I were still a child. My process is intuitive. I don’t tend to plan with detailed sketches and prefer to dive in and see where my heart wants to lead me. I like to think of my paintings as abstract interpretations of our innate connection to nature, where you can escape into a world of romance and dreamy swashes of colour. I adore flowers and gardens. Their colours, movement and shapes are so inspiring to me. They are the perfect symbol of the beauty, energy and fragility of life."

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Dear Ones
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